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Philip was born and raised in a traditional two-up, two-down end terrace house in the Lancashire mill town of Ashton-under-Lyne to the east of Manchester. He attended the local Grammar school in Ashton and exam success saw him attend Newcastle University where he graduated with a degree in Psychology. During this time he spent twelve months on a psychiatric ward; though happily as a student not a patient. It's a fine line.

He then joined soap powder giants Procter & Gamble. Within 18 months of joining he had become P&G's Salesman of the Year, as testified by the nation's underwear which by now was whiter-than-white.

After working in television and then advertising, in 1986 he became the founder, new business director and managing partner of an advertising agency, Advertising Principles in Leeds in the UK. He developed the company over the next 17 years seeing the company grow from a standing start to one with billings of over £48 million and employing 150 people.

Having spent his entire working life studying and practising persuasion and influence, Philip is now a business speaker on ‘The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence’. It is the subject that has dominated his academic and professional career to date; his knowledge and understanding of it has been at the very root of his success. He is a business speaker, raconteur and author. He offers wit and wisdom on human behaviour and how to influence it.

In 2012 he was voted 'Most Inspirational Speaker' at 'A Day of Inspiration' in Sydney. In 2010 and 2012 he was awarded the 'Consistently Outstanding Performer' award for the Chief Executives organisation, Vistage, in the UK. 

In 2009 he was 'Overseas Speaker of the Year' for TEC Australia. 

He is also the current holder of the award for Most Requested and Top Scoring Speaker for Vistage and is Visiting Fellow at Newcastle University in England. Philip's first book 'How to Persuade and Influence People' is an Amazon number one best seller and described by Amazon as 'The Best Persuasion and Influence Book'. 

Philip's second book, 'The Seven Golden Rules For A Happy and Successful Life' is a relevant but irreverent interpretation of the historical but hysterical facts of The Wars of The Roses, the reign of Henry VIII and the reigns of his three children.



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