All of Philip’s Keynote talks are tailored to a client’s individual needs but the common aim is to inspire people to improve their relationships, develop client and customer loyalty and, typically, to increase sales. He offers well researched, tried and tested techniques and is renowned for his ‘Killer Questions’ that get to the heart of what people really, really want.

He is inspirational, insightful, motivational and thought provoking.
And hilarious.
But, above all, helps increase a team’s effectiveness.

Although every Keynote presentation is highly tailored, each one has at its base the psychology of influence and persuasion and how to gain new clients, develop greater client and customer loyalty and charge higher prices.

Inspirational, insightful, motivational and thought provoking

Philip is a world-renowned speaker on all aspects of the psychology of influence. He has delivered over 1,000 talks in over 20 countries and has spoken to actuaries, accountants, sales people, nurses, teachers, lawyers and bankers.

AON, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barratt Homes, the MoD, the NHS, PWC, the PGA, P&G, Shell, Toyota and UBS; from large pharmaceutical companies and international manufacturers to estate agents and care home workers, he has worked from CEO and board level to middle management in a wide variety of sectors across the world.

“His sessions are always hugely relevant, strategic and thought provoking, mixing the on-point key messages with a perfect balance of humour and engaging real-life examples. Without fail, the result is a really captivating, worthwhile and inspirational experience.”

Robert White

CEO, Brabners LLP


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From the UK:

01423 88 99 14 and 07831 33 89 22

Outside the UK:

0044 1423 88 99 14

Five examples of Philip’s
recent Keynote talks:

The Psychology of Influence:

Through understanding our ‘Psychological Drivers’ we learn to persuade and influence people through asking what Philip calls the ‘Killer Questions’. Delegates from all walks of life go away from this session with a deeper understanding of how to influence people, what to do improve all their relationships and a smile on their faces. An inspiring Keynote with ‘Can-use-tomorrow’ tips to improve business development.

The Good-to-Great Graduation:

The only thing that is constant is change. A challenging but highly amusing look at what happened to The Roman Empire, Marks & Spencer, Gerald Ratner, Enron and The Beatles ~ and what companies and individuals need to do to ensure they move from Good-to-Great.

How to Hold High Prices and Fees:

One of Philip’s increasingly popular Keynote talks on how and why people pay a premium, and how to make them feel good about paying a high price. An amusing Keynote talk with wry observations on business class travel, luxury goods and premium brands with a whole new way of looking at the concept of ‘WIN-WIN’. This Keynote talk is guaranteed to leave audiences with a more purposeful and practical view on business relationships, the difference between negotiating and discounting and his three question technique to charge the right fee.

How to Delight Your Clients and Customers:

How do you maximise income from current clients and have them delighted at what they have bought? Through understanding the psychology behind ‘Do you want fries with that?’, the psychology of how we choose and the role of the word ‘enough’, Philip offers well-researched techniques that increase average order value and have your clients and customers not only choosing what you want them to choose, but leaving them feeling that they have chosen.

How to Get New Clients and Customers:

Philip’s has a first class track record in advertising in getting new clients and in this talk he gives real, can-use-today methods to get new clients using tried and trusted tips and techniques such as “I saw this and thought of you”, “Show me you know me” and “Would you like the other half?”

“What an inspirational talk! The whole team found it to be not only captivating and dynamic but also hilarious and hugely enjoyable. It was extremely worthwhile and provided valuable and thought provoking content. Thank you!”

Richard Lawson

Sales Director, Barratt & David Wilson Homes

Described by the Lawnet conference delegates as brilliant, humorous, stunning, thought provoking and genius. The messages and delivery were exactly what we were hoping for and the response from delegates exceeded our expectations. He was one of the key factors in many delegates pronouncing this the best conference they have ever been to.

Helen Hamilton-Shaw

Director of Services, Lawnet

I have started to use a lot of the ‘Killer Questions’ that Phil gave us at the conference. They work!!!!

Margaret McDermott

Channel Retail Manager, Vodafone, NZ

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